Congratulations 2019 Shooters of the Year
Class Shooter
Women's K-30 Scharmin Clifton
Men's K-40 Michael Shore
Men's K-45 Matt Johnson
Men's Fixed Pins Randy Layton
Traditional Bo Webb
Seniors Mike Ellington
Bow Hunter Novice Jay Rousse

Central Carolina Archery Association

Welcome to Central Carolina Archery Association

We are a group of clubs that host 3d Archery shoots and promote the sport of archery.

Please read all rules prior to shooting.

New for 2020

  • Shooter of the year Eligibility

    • ​Must have one score from each club for a point shoot.
    • Must Attend the CCAA Classic
    • ​Must have 5 additional scores from any club point shoot
  • Shooter of year of scoring

    • Highest score from each of the 5 clubs
    • 5 highest scores from the rest of the shoots.
    • ​Score from the classic
  • No more move up rule except for novice classes.

    • Shootes no longer have to move up if they win shooter of the year
    • If shooter wins shooter of the year twice in a row, they are not eligible on year 3.
    • ​the shooter can still shoot the class but will not be eligible for shooter of the year.
  • CCAA Classic

    • Last shoot of the year and awards day
    • Shotgun start
    • ​Shoot in peer groups